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Getting arrested is an extremely stressful and confusing experience. For the person arrested and also for the family, friends and loved ones associated with him/her. The only concern in everyone’s mind is how to get their beloved out of jail? Posting bail is a common way to come out of lockup. Bail is usually cash or property pledged to the court in exchange of release for the arrested person. It is a security amount that the accused will return to trial when called by the court, and the bail will be forfeited by the court if the defendant fails to appear.

Over the years, lawmakers and courts have come up with rules about bail such as who is eligible to get it and how much is required. Rules are also changing over time. Recently, Supreme Court of Ohio gave an additional option to defendants requiring bail. Previously, defendants were forced to give a cash payment of 10 % for their bonds. But now they can use the services of a bail bond  agency to post a 10% bond.

A bail bond  agent act as the third party between the court and the accused. The bail bond is promised by the negotiator in case the person does not show up for court his/her release.  A bail Bail bond is an easy way to get bail especially for those who can’t afford to pledge bail on their own. Many people in Ohio were unable to get out of Jail as they couldn’t pay the 10 percent of the bond in cash. But now with the new constitutional rule, defendants can choose exactly how they want to pay bail, whether by paying the 10 percent cash themselves or hiring a bonding company that pledges the full surety amount. With the bonding companies paying the surety amount, courts are more ensured that the accused will probably show up at their next scheduled trial.

There are many bonding companies licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance working to ensure that the arrested persons don’t miss their court hearings. Many people will still prefer to pay the 10 percent cash payment rather than using the services of Bail Bond agency. But in reality this is a good step for all concerned  as the Bail bond  agents know how to perform their role rightly by making the accused appear in courts punctually and properly.


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