Understanding how bail bonds work (440)323-7200

The  purpose of the bail bond is to guarantee the defendants appear at  all courts dates.  the amount of one’s bail bond is determined by the court or  police station. J.C bail bonding agency charges a fee of ten percent of the bail bond for their services. the defendant or co-signer makes the arrangement with the bail bonding company for your release. then the boding company makes the arrangement with the court or police department. It really is that simple. In essence, a bail bond is a contract between four entities; the court, the defendant, the bail bond company and the co-signer if one was required to post your bail bond. The best way to answer all your questions about bail bonds is to call J.C bail Bonding agency at 440.323.7200 or 440.246.6060 one call does it all! it Really is that simple!


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